If only for today I could be a poet
that my wishes would be well set

meeting you then on a subtle evening
following your done heartly singing

never knew a lifetime friendship was signing
albeit you went into hiding

resurfaced on a day when twas time for exit
in concert traverse to the land’s power seat

hmmm and then the sojourn initiated in reality
being an unveiling of a  recherche entity

seeing you as an individual with brains
Cos  you churn out thoughts heavy like rains

I sometimes think your heart is as a mansion
cos of your extreme care, concern n compassion

your life proves worthy as a genuine replica of Jesus Christ
cos attempts to compare you with the populace can not last

For Alero I wud have loved to be a word clip
that appraising you on this numbering of your genesis may be crisp

A Poem inspired by the thoughts of Alero Richards on her birthday. 16/03/2014


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