Orientation Initiation (Chapter 1 of Tuminspiration)

I decided to draw the curtain,
then came one standing by,
neither knocking nor calling,
only appeared a passer bye.

“This would be injustice to yourself”
were the words my mind said,
“if you act as though you’ve not
found an innumerable worth”.

Oh! No I can’t be failing this,
breaking a self made promise.
As not to miss a divine package
I drew nigh to this young sage.

Started learning, started listening.
Mind kept bubbling and pushing.
Getting deeper, getting closer.
Kept saying to self “you’re going faster”.

Her presence brought succor
and a never ending comfort.
Actions tally with what she bear,
expressions of which she always wear.

Days passed and sojourn end came nigh.
We’ve seen the good and skipped the bad
but now comes the unexpected ugly.
We’ve been sent apart geography to live.

This poem was inspired by the thoughts of my beloved on her birthday. It narrates the story of how our sojourn began.



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