His failure was fatal. Shedding tears that could fill a drum in seconds. His might has failed him. The arrogant shoulders went so high that it obstructed his auditory perception. Now he wants to listen but no one is speaking. They’ve spoken so much to him before now but all words fell flat on deafened ears.

One irony about life is when it appears as a knife. The knife will only cut but it can not join. The other stony irony is when life poses as a wife. The wife when joined to can no longer  be separated from.

The cure for the menace is an intended deliberate solace. The wise approach is to properly watch out before you step in. Every journey will always have a cry in it. You would either cry out for help at the start or cry on regret at the end. Drop it! Your weight and strength wont do, you must always choose to wisely and selectively listen.

You should ensure to use your ears more than you do your legs. Don’t just always run swiftly across your life’s race. Open your ears, listen, take counsel from the right source. If you were designed to always walk alone, God would have created 7 billion islands for every individual on earth. Remember the creator’s words that says “the son that refuses rebuke would meet his sudden doom”


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