Self Leadership: 4 Personal Leadership Success Secrets Pt 1 – Sam Oye

Rev. Sam Oye points out the one thing that would make all the difference in your life…… do yourself a favour, stop by and read this.

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Self leadership is the key to effective leadership and lasting influence.
To become a great leader, you must first learn to lead yourself. You must first know where you are going to before you take others on a journey.


Leaders who try to lead others without leading themselves first always end up failing and falling apart. You cannot lead a people beyond your personal capacity, comprehension and competence.

Self Leadership Success Secrets:
Great leaders have four (4) things in common, they have:


1. Personal Life Plan
2. Leadership Or Business Vision
3. Leadership Or Business Plan
4. Established Leadership Priorities

1. Personal Life Plan
Before aircrafts depart from one airport to another, they are expected to submit a FLIGHT PLAN: It is written statement that tells three (3) things: TIMING (When to fly), DESTINATION (Where it is flying to), and PATH (How to get there from here).
Every flight…

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