The heart beeps
As though a call is coming in
The eye flips
As though the call is in surrounding
Now the hand shakes
For the fear of the unknown
Even the head aches
When another explosive is blown

We can’t continue like this
Living yet real life we miss
Alive now yet absent in the present
Our heart longs for a peaceful country
Where returning home would be sure
As family disperse every morning

Not in the efforts of man we know
Unto God in heaven we hope
To help our country rightly grow
Until we begin to loudly glow


The storm does not need to still
For you to walk on water
All expected of you is right focus
Fix your gaze on the one leading you
Distraction will get you drowned

The rain does not need to start
Before you sow your seed
Perfect time might not always appear so
The right intuition to know
Is what you really require

Make the move when you get the prompt
Don’t be deceived don’t be fooled
A carved lion can open its mouth
And you see the teeth showing sharp
It only appears as long as you keep looking at it

What you keep gazing on
Is where you would advance to
Don’t stop; don’t fall
Keep focus on the right spot
Despite the unending storm
Focused persistence would get you to the top


A long time I heard about you
A long time I walked around you
Decision to have you was continually forsaken
always thinking of being made someday by might
holding that thought of works will bring needed flight

No remorse of inadequacies
Kept surviving on kangaroo emotions
shadows of love is proved in what I do
continued entering ears and lingering in heart
then decision came via discussion at a junction

A one like me save a female
brought words not on me but of her
disseminating the lessons of her life’s practice
shone the light on my heart revealing not enough
then I knew I’d been jogging around only the fence

Without being told without being asked
deep down in the carcass of my heart
I longed for change and thirst for newness
the desire to belong became so real and deep
kept floating a while for no one to show me in

A boiling heart would soon or later be expressed
for me almost six moons had to pass
before the privilege came knocking
refusing hesitation I jumped out and got in
Oh! what joy to live according to this way

Without a tutor assigned to my case
I was gently guided by One within
Following through a guide through the parchments
learning the principles to practice all by self
getting deeper rising higher in conviction and passion

The love story won’t end
seasons kept following seasons
and the story continually shows glory
kept getting surer that here alone is life
indeed with him alone is life in abundance yet eternal

Yes! I’m so in love with a male
and I would gladly confess it everywhere
with proud manifestation that I am His
anywhere and everywhere I find myself
that I am a crazy lover of Jesus.

There would have been nothing to celebrate
if I was not dwelling in you
my Lover and Lord
Thank you Jesus


How long? How long?
Has become our unending song
This continued news makes me sick
Reasons for joy and comfort gradually leaks

The might of the battalions are yet to yield
Their strength not being evident on the field
The state keeps eroding towards a waste land
So much lives and properties turning to sand

How long? How long?
Has been the words on our tongue
If we do give up to whom shall we run
The peace can only come when the battle is won

We cried unto those we call our leaders
till our confidence starts flying off like feathers
The wisdom and ranting of men has only brought insults
Now unto God alone shall we look for the desired results

It’s time to get back to the Word
If my people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

PAINTING HER ON LETTERS (Chapter 5 of Tuminspiration)

Let me see if the English alphabets
have in them words to explain her.
I would only try because an attempt
to express my joy and gladness of her,
would be a whole day talk without stop.

Okay let the ride begin
Looking for who she is
Amidst the alphabets

An amazing ardent arbiter
A balanced balmy blender
A caring charming confidant
A determined diligent Deborah
An enthusiastic energetic educator
A focused fearless fighter
A glowing godly guide
A happy hallmarked harbor

I can go on and on to saying
A tireless timely Tumininu
And not stop till I get to
A zealous zestful Zealot

Words will fail me to define you
Letters are not enough to describe you
My quick summary is that I love you!
And I guarantee that I’d always do.

GIVING LIFE (Chapter 4 of Tuminspiration)

Her increase in age
is far beyond numbers.
She gives life to the dying
always making her life count.

Her heart dwells in others.
People’s joy makes her heart beat fine.
Stretching beyond her own limits
to help others break boundaries.

Like the prosperity of others
is the oxygen source to her veins.
Rejoices at others ascension.
Yet depends on none save for God

The Genesis of the Exodus (Chapter 3 of Tuminspiration)

I made my move uttered the words.
no resistance no push back
but have to wait affirmation to fill my world.

Kept a gentle nudge not leaving hands slack.
Then came the word on a day like this;
flowing with so much rare bliss.
It started, its starting
and would forever keep happening.

Her entry brought major transformations.
And our lives kept speedy progression.
Mountains gliding, testimonies flowing;
visions realizing, plans executing

… and this was when the journey was mutually commissioned although two major pre-requisite to the endless journey is still essential.