Ace in the race
Pace that becomes a study case
Going wider and never wither
Better and not bitter
Wealth even without sweat
Favor beyond cummulative labour
Supplies that keeps you surprise

When the race sees a stumbling block
Grace converts it to a stepping stone
God’s grace is sufficient
Grace is all you need

Grace is abundantly available
Just tap into it
Experience it
Enjoy it
And expand in it
Limitless Possibilities



The heart beeps
As though a call is coming in
The eye flips
As though the call is in surrounding
Now the hand shakes
For the fear of the unknown
Even the head aches
When another explosive is blown

We can’t continue like this
Living yet real life we miss
Alive now yet absent in the present
Our heart longs for a peaceful country
Where returning home would be sure
As family disperse every morning

Not in the efforts of man we know
Unto God in heaven we hope
To help our country rightly grow
Until we begin to loudly glow


The storm does not need to still
For you to walk on water
All expected of you is right focus
Fix your gaze on the one leading you
Distraction will get you drowned

The rain does not need to start
Before you sow your seed
Perfect time might not always appear so
The right intuition to know
Is what you really require

Make the move when you get the prompt
Don’t be deceived don’t be fooled
A carved lion can open its mouth
And you see the teeth showing sharp
It only appears as long as you keep looking at it

What you keep gazing on
Is where you would advance to
Don’t stop; don’t fall
Keep focus on the right spot
Despite the unending storm
Focused persistence would get you to the top


I love to pour my heart
Emptying out all that may
Cause a sinking low
I cry out to my Love
For I can’t help myself
He is the king, my saviour
The only one whose grip
Is so firm and reliable
He is the master and the lover

In the night or noon time
When I feel like I should bleed
When it seem like I’m all alone
I’d look up and then I’d see
His eyes beaming on me
Though he is been there all day
While I have been wallowing away
He is my friend and my brother
He says rest on me never bother
I find solace and comfort
Joy and fulfillment all in you
My first love today and forever

Self Leadership: 4 Personal Leadership Success Secrets Pt 1 – Sam Oye

Rev. Sam Oye points out the one thing that would make all the difference in your life…… do yourself a favour, stop by and read this.

SamOye - Inspiring Mind Renewal For Total Transformation


Self leadership is the key to effective leadership and lasting influence.
To become a great leader, you must first learn to lead yourself. You must first know where you are going to before you take others on a journey.


Leaders who try to lead others without leading themselves first always end up failing and falling apart. You cannot lead a people beyond your personal capacity, comprehension and competence.

Self Leadership Success Secrets:
Great leaders have four (4) things in common, they have:


1. Personal Life Plan
2. Leadership Or Business Vision
3. Leadership Or Business Plan
4. Established Leadership Priorities

1. Personal Life Plan
Before aircrafts depart from one airport to another, they are expected to submit a FLIGHT PLAN: It is written statement that tells three (3) things: TIMING (When to fly), DESTINATION (Where it is flying to), and PATH (How to get there from here).
Every flight…

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I wish I knew before I knew

Walking around the courtyard

Is though a path away from bad

Happily joining the sweepers

But never becoming a sweetheart

I wish I knew before I knew

He once said “bread for children”

Thinking to me He would send

Oh what a big mistake in making

Hanging around differs from being in

I wish I knew before I knew

Food is regularly served within

Visitors can partake when in

Not often do outsiders get some

Despite being scorched by outside sun

I wish I knew before I knew

Suffering much in a world of hate

Struggling to be in line with mates

Only to realize all I need is Him and in Him

All I can get is nothing without only Him

I wish I knew before I knew

Thank God, now I know Him

My lover and LORD, savior and God

My all in all, Jesus my all

I’m glad not just that unto you I can hold

But that by you, me and my all you own

Now I wish you would also know

Him which I have known

Who makes me grow and glow

The path unto Him, to you I show

Make a decision today don’t be slow

The best decision you can ever make is living in God and for God don’t just be living around God.

You live around God if you are just a Church goer and not a Christian.

Give your life to Christ today and you would be sure to live “Happily Ever After”


His specialty is in talking men out of ground zero
Helping mere men to have the life of marvelous heroes
Instilling in people determination to go through the toughs
Inspiring people not only to dream but also reach the top

Keen on seeing continuous and consistent transformation of the human mind
Kindly nudging and moving his people and proteges till they settle in their lands
A large heart to receive many and a great mind to help many achieve greatness
Always making unending impacts with firebrand words that never goes less

This is no other person than my Pastor, my Mentor, my Father, my Hero, Rev. Sam Oye.