I love to pour my heart
Emptying out all that may
Cause a sinking low
I cry out to my Love
For I can’t help myself
He is the king, my saviour
The only one whose grip
Is so firm and reliable
He is the master and the lover

In the night or noon time
When I feel like I should bleed
When it seem like I’m all alone
I’d look up and then I’d see
His eyes beaming on me
Though he is been there all day
While I have been wallowing away
He is my friend and my brother
He says rest on me never bother
I find solace and comfort
Joy and fulfillment all in you
My first love today and forever


Master’s Intent

Then you kept on misusuing the tool
as long as you continue staying away
from the Master who fabricated it.

How can you even know His intent
if you dont create time to rub minds.

Its not as if He is not willing to tell you
but your ears are not close enought to Him.

How much he desires that you’d always dance
according to ryhthm flowing from His heart.

On Saturday May 18th, 2014