I love to pour my heart
Emptying out all that may
Cause a sinking low
I cry out to my Love
For I can’t help myself
He is the king, my saviour
The only one whose grip
Is so firm and reliable
He is the master and the lover

In the night or noon time
When I feel like I should bleed
When it seem like I’m all alone
I’d look up and then I’d see
His eyes beaming on me
Though he is been there all day
While I have been wallowing away
He is my friend and my brother
He says rest on me never bother
I find solace and comfort
Joy and fulfillment all in you
My first love today and forever


The Genesis of the Exodus (Chapter 3 of Tuminspiration)

I made my move uttered the words.
no resistance no push back
but have to wait affirmation to fill my world.

Kept a gentle nudge not leaving hands slack.
Then came the word on a day like this;
flowing with so much rare bliss.
It started, its starting
and would forever keep happening.

Her entry brought major transformations.
And our lives kept speedy progression.
Mountains gliding, testimonies flowing;
visions realizing, plans executing

… and this was when the journey was mutually commissioned although two major pre-requisite to the endless journey is still essential.

Confluence Continues (Chapter 2 of Tuminspiration)

When its divine it never ends sad.
Mighty hand erased and redrew the path.
Together again like the Aves’ affection.
Just like unity brought by Aladdin’s mat.

Rolling the journey in amity.
People find it difficult to fathom.
That it’s still a superficial treaty
and commitment is yet to come.

Responsibility vow brought me
to initial promise I made
I kept nurturing what I see
until the fullness of day came.

This explains how our path came again together and the story continues.

Orientation Initiation (Chapter 1 of Tuminspiration)

I decided to draw the curtain,
then came one standing by,
neither knocking nor calling,
only appeared a passer bye.

“This would be injustice to yourself”
were the words my mind said,
“if you act as though you’ve not
found an innumerable worth”.

Oh! No I can’t be failing this,
breaking a self made promise.
As not to miss a divine package
I drew nigh to this young sage.

Started learning, started listening.
Mind kept bubbling and pushing.
Getting deeper, getting closer.
Kept saying to self “you’re going faster”.

Her presence brought succor
and a never ending comfort.
Actions tally with what she bear,
expressions of which she always wear.

Days passed and sojourn end came nigh.
We’ve seen the good and skipped the bad
but now comes the unexpected ugly.
We’ve been sent apart geography to live.

This poem was inspired by the thoughts of my beloved on her birthday. It narrates the story of how our sojourn began.