A long time I heard about you
A long time I walked around you
Decision to have you was continually forsaken
always thinking of being made someday by might
holding that thought of works will bring needed flight

No remorse of inadequacies
Kept surviving on kangaroo emotions
shadows of love is proved in what I do
continued entering ears and lingering in heart
then decision came via discussion at a junction

A one like me save a female
brought words not on me but of her
disseminating the lessons of her life’s practice
shone the light on my heart revealing not enough
then I knew I’d been jogging around only the fence

Without being told without being asked
deep down in the carcass of my heart
I longed for change and thirst for newness
the desire to belong became so real and deep
kept floating a while for no one to show me in

A boiling heart would soon or later be expressed
for me almost six moons had to pass
before the privilege came knocking
refusing hesitation I jumped out and got in
Oh! what joy to live according to this way

Without a tutor assigned to my case
I was gently guided by One within
Following through a guide through the parchments
learning the principles to practice all by self
getting deeper rising higher in conviction and passion

The love story won’t end
seasons kept following seasons
and the story continually shows glory
kept getting surer that here alone is life
indeed with him alone is life in abundance yet eternal

Yes! I’m so in love with a male
and I would gladly confess it everywhere
with proud manifestation that I am His
anywhere and everywhere I find myself
that I am a crazy lover of Jesus.

There would have been nothing to celebrate
if I was not dwelling in you
my Lover and Lord
Thank you Jesus